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Professional Introduction
Jeffrey has learned the value of customer service and building client relationships as a young personal banker for TD Canada Trust.  It was satisfying for him to help his clients with their day-to-day banking and borrowing needs.

During the 2000 technology stock market crash, he was a licensed Registered Representative Options (RRO) with TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage.  In this role, he gained insight into market operations and saw many retail clients make, or lose, large sums of money speculating in stocks without proper investment advice.

He still remembers that terrifying day on September 11th, 2001 when he executed trades for discount brokerage clients who sold their portfolios entirely and suffered massive losses.

While working in the Corporate Actions Department, he resolved issues for institutional clients and investment advisors regarding corporate action events like company mergers.  In this role he gained insight into how large institutional funds and investment advisors managed money for their clients.

He also remembers the day of October 31st, 2006 when the “Tax Fairness Plan” changed the nature of Income Trust Units income.  The institutional investment advisors he spoke to that day were concerned as their senior citizen clients would receive lower retirement income.

While working as a TD Waterhouse Financial Planner he serviced clients at two branch locations.  He built a respectable portfolio of clients for the bank and took care of them during the 2008 Financial Tsunami.  He is proud of his track record for out-performing the market indexes in 2008, and guiding his clients through the recovery in 2009.

He also recalls in February 2009, when two clients could not take the pain and sold out at the bottom.  He uses this example to show the importance of staying focused on the financial plan and dollar-cost-averaging into good solid investments when the market is on sale.

He has received many client appreciation letters and new business referrals from satisfied clients.

Mr. Jeffrey Tam is a Life Insurance and Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent licensed in Ontario, Canada, and he is the President of Toronto Wealth Group.
Toronto Wealth Group is licensed to carry on within Ontario the business of a life insurance agency.
Mr. Jeffrey Tam and Toronto Wealth Group executes their Insurance product transactions through Celesity Financial Corp. and Allen Wong and Associates.
Mr. Jeffrey Tam is a Fellow Member of the Canadian Securities Institute (Fellow of CSI) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).

He received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (B.Comm) from the University of Toronto and has been in the financial industry since 1996.  He is a Financial Planner and Insurance Advisor who helps small businesses and families make more money, pay less tax, and protect their assets.
About Us ~ Toronto Wealth Group
About Us ~ Toronto Wealth Group
About Us ~ Toronto Wealth Group
About Us ~ Toronto Wealth Group
About Us ~ Toronto Wealth Group